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It is an honour to open the second edition of our annual yearbook.  I do hope that you enjoy reading the articles, viewing the vibrant photographs and recalling all the wonderful moments that contributed to a successful year.  We can all be very proud as we look back on our achievements.  

One of the difficulties with having success is you set a benchmark that you will be judged upon in the future.  By others, but more importantly by yourself.  Students, teachers, staff, parents; we were all really proud as we reflected one year ago on the school we had created.  After having enjoyed such a fantastic first year, the challenge was clear for the school as it moved into its second.  

It’s a testament to the continual hard work of everybody that we can reflect today on an outstanding second year of progress and feel like we have accomplished, and perhaps surpassed, our self-imposed high expectations.  

The Foundation Stage building continues to be a hive of activity full of creativity, vibrancy and joy.  The teaching team have taken learning on to another level inspiring the children with stimulating new themes, strategies and experiences.  Meanwhile the children have embraced the opportunity; growing in confidence and skills.  It’s particularly wonderful to see the excellent level of English these young children possess after such a short period.  I can’t wait to see what they can do when they get to up to Year 10 and start their GCSEs!  

Primary is a powerhouse of progress and achievement.  Much has been said about our approach of making personal values and skills top of the list of priorities, though, now we start to see the reward for the efforts of children and teachers as we measure the academic progress that is being made.  We see children approaching their life in school with confidence, direction and motivation enveloped in the blanket of security that the atmosphere allows them to enjoy.  This is enabling the children to achieve to their fullest potential in an academic sense in addition to acquiring the skills needed to be future world contributors.  

Then we can reflect on the huge achievement of launching an entire Secondary School this year.  This was a great challenge to take on and as I’ve observed its progression during the year I’ve been amazed at the structure and fluidity we’ve achieved.  On viewing the Secondary School you’d never dream that it was less than a year old!  The greatest achievement though is the collective spirit that has evolved over the months.  There is a real family feel of togetherness with everybody working together and looking after one another.  This is a wonderful attribute that very few Secondary Schools can boast.  

Thus it is a pleasure to sum up the year ahead of everybody taking a well-earned rest!  September is just around the corner and we have even greater goals to achieve next time around!  Thank you to everybody who has made this possible.  Your efforts are so worthwhile.  The children have a wonderful school to support their growth and it is all down to your endeavour and support.  


Kind regards,


Steve Gallego

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