Dear Parents,

We recognise that in enrolling your children at our school, you are making a very important decision showing enthusiasm, hope and confidence in our system. We welcome you to visit our campus and get to know us better; our facilities, teachers and students. Visiting our campus will enable you to feel and understand our educational project. We are sure that from the moment you arrive you will sense the happiness, positivity and security we nurture at The British College of Gavà. This security is your guarantee that you are giving your child the best for their future.

The Admissions Department are always available to schedule a visit and answer any questions. We'll be here to support you in the process of making such an important decision in your family life: the best education for your children.


The Admissions Department


Admissions Process

Step 1

Fill out a simple ‘Pre-Enrolment’ data form with basic family details. Following this you will receive a welcome email with detailed instructions.

Admission Form


Step 2

A member of the admissions department will contact you to set up an appointment for a tour of the school facilities and meeting.


Step 3

Following the tour and meeting, should you wish to proceed to apply for a place in the school the most recent school report of your son/daughter must be submitted along with an Email contact of a reliable member of staff in their current school who is prepared to complete a short survey regarding individual needs.


Step 4

A friendly interview will be arranged with a member of our academic team for prospective students aged 6 years and above in order to assess level of English, aptitude and individual needs. This interview will be followed immediately with a meeting with parents to discuss the outcome.


Step 5

Once formally offered a place at the school, all the correct paperwork must be completed including the admissions form and submission of identity documents and photographs. Payment of the tuition fee finally secures the place in the school.

Academic Requirements




Children are accepted in Nursery and Reception without previous knowledge of English.



To enter a class in the Primary School, prospective students must have an adequate level of English according to their age. Furthermore, an assessment will be made as to whether the school can meet their individual needs.



To enter a class in the Secondary School, prospective students must have an adequate level of English according to their age. Furthermore, an interview will be scheduled with the head teacher in order to assess individual needs, talk about educational aspirations and formulate a plan for entry into the school.