Education in Excellence


"Education in Excellence" is an emerging network of British Schools being established one by one in cities around the Iberian Peninsula.  The network is coordinated based on the philosophy and management skills of their founders.

The Promoter

Rafael Valverde de Diego has enjoyed nearly 20 years experience of managing British International Schools in Spain.  Rafael’s initial experience was as a constituent member of the British School of Córdoba SA entity in 1998, He held office of Chairman of the Board of Directors until 2005. He then founded the company ‘British Education System SL’, holder of the renowned ‘St George's British Schools Group’. He held the post of President of the company until January 2012. During this period the company inaugurated four British schools in Malaga, Almeria, Seville and Madrid.

General Director (Education)

After working for 5 years in a school in London, Howard embarked on his international schools career as Head of Secondary at the British Council School in Madrid. In 2000 he was appointed Head Teacher of the English School of Asturias and in 2005 Director of the British School of Córdoba. Further to this, as a lead inspector for NABSS he has led inspections of more than 20 British schools in Spain. He derives great satisfaction from the fact that all his graduates from Córdoba have entered universities including the very best in Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States and his school was one of the first in Spain to achieve official recognition of quality (BSO) from the British government.

As General Director of ‘Education in Excellence’, he is responsible for the appointment and retention of all educational staff and is the company’s senior educational representative. He ensures that the company’s vision of education becomes a reality by working closely with head teachers and their staff.