The British College of Gavà Project


For many years the directors attempted to identify a suitable site at which to establish their first British College in the Barcelona region. After visiting many locations and rejecting numerous options they finally discovered the wonderful campus in Gavà; the ideal place to set up their first school in the region. A welcoming site, safe and attractive for its children, on the site in Gavà it is possible to develop the individualised, motivational and international education model which their philosophy represents.

Following its inception in September 2015 with children aged 3-12, the school grew rapidly over its first two years to the point where it expanded to incorporate all year groups from Nursery to Year 13 with children aged 3-18. Word of the good work of the school spread rapidly and interested local families who were looking for a new, unique and innovative education that previously wasn’t available. The school is now a registered Edexcel examination centre and hosts GCSE and A Level examinations enabling leavers to progress to universities in the UK, Spain, the USA, as well as other countries around the world.

When I search for prospective teachers I have one word in mind.  Can they ‘inspire’?  Learning comes from within and our role at the British College of Gavà is as facilitators with the aim to nurture motivated and determined students who have an intrinsic love for learning that drives them through the many challenges they face.

Characterised by enthusiasm, professional ambition and a sense of responsibility. The British School of Gavà provides a stimulating alternative, offering a high quality creative education with a distinctive style.  The school continues to look forward and push back the barriers of education proven by the exciting projects it has undertaken such as the state of the art new building which is moving towards construction and the ‘Sports College’ concept which will provide unique opportunities for elite athletes as well as the whole school community.