What a first week back after half term! 

We had quite an interesting and colourful return to school with some amazing outfits to kick off the new half term. It was lovely to welcome everyone back on Monday and to hear about their half term holidays. We started off with our carnival assembly where we learnt about the meaning of carnival and all about what the BCG Carnival week was going to be. 

We also launched our Carnival house competition. Each day the best carnival outfit was able to win house points for their house team. This was an almost impossible task for the teachers as the outfits were all so impressive. 

Tuesday saw the most fantastic crazy hair. We had minions, doughnuts, colours, plaits, spiders and even a palm tree. 

Wednesday was crazy socks day which was great fun. The creative ideas for the socks were really funny and the students loved showing off their funky fashion. 

On Thursday, it was no longer BCG school but BCG zoo with animals everywhere that you could see. It was fabulous to see the effort that had been made so well done to all the students and to you at home for supporting with this. From crocodiles to lobsters, there were animals everywhere. 

Finally, we finished off the week with the house colour day where students represented their house by wearing the house colour. It was great to see the students supporting their house and earning lots of house points at the same time. 

The House system is a big focus for Primary this year and we will be having many more opportunities for students to earn house points and take their team to the top. Students across all Primary also had the chance to design a shield for their house. They had to think about what values they thought their house represented and how they could show this in their design. The ideas were fantastic. The winning designs will be displayed in the new house display board in the upper primary building. 

Well done to everyone for their amazing effort, participation and general great attitude towards our BCG Carnival week. 

Year 3 trip to the Egyptian museum

On Wednesday of BCG Carnival week the Year 3 students went on a trip to the Barcelona Egyptian museum. Some of us looked quite funny in our crazy socks but it made the people in the museum smile. We have been learning about the Egyptians in history and this was a chance to see some of our learning in action and to also pick up a few more facts. We were all given a guided tour of the museum and had the chance to see a real mummy. Most of the students were brave enough to look at it very closely!

After our tour, we had a workshop on how to make a mummy. The students already knew lots about this from our work in class so they were able to impress our guide. Each of them had a special job to prepare the mummy for the afterlife including wrapping it in bandages. After this, we also had a workshop on hieroglyphs and the students had the chance to write their own names onto papyrus. Some names were a bit trickier than others but they all looked great when finished.

The museum were so impressed with the Year 3 students' behaviour that they sent the school an email to say this when the students had returned. Mr Smith and I were so incredibly proud of all of them; they were fantastic role models for the school and should be very pleased with the way they represented Year 3 and BCG.

Fun Ski Trip to La Molina

It is with great pleasure that I write this week's newsletter from the ski slopes in La Molina. 

Our first ever Primary Ski Trip was nothing less than a success. Sticking to my motto 'live like there's snow tomorrow' from the moment we took our seats on the bus the positive vibes snowballed and it just got better and better. 

Dressed for the slopes and ready for action, we embarked on what was going to be a fabulous first day. This was only the second time I have skied but it soon became apparent that many in our group were seasoned skiers who really put us teachers to shame. 

Fear and doubts were overcome as some of us new to skiing braved the cold, the heights and inevitable falls (some more than others - mainly teachers, much to the amusement of some of our pupils riding in the chairlift above). The progression I witnessed in all the children was astounding! I observed resilience like I have never seen before and what a joy it was too. The best things in life are freeze, or snow, the saying goes. 

No matter how many tumbles we (I) took,  we dusted ourselves off (with a little 'alp') and got straight back on our feet. This was our mantra for the duration of our stay. 

The day zoomed by as quickly as Mr Fassam rolled down the slope and before long we arrived at our accommodation. The facilities at the hotel really piqued our interest as comfy beds, a disco games room, a sweet shop and an enticing dining room awaited us. 

One of the many highlights was the disco. The children excitedly bought sweets from the shop and got themselves disco ready and raring to dance. Believe me, us teachers danced like a snowbody was watching. Before that, we held a special ski award ceremony and also celebrated the birthday of Helene in Year 6. 

This was honestly the best school trip I have ever been on. 

The children were such good company, fun, extremely polite to us teachers, the host and staff at the hotel, as well as their instructors. It was heartwarming to see them representing our school so well and flying the BCG flag so proudly. 

A huge thank you to Miss Stevens, Mr Alonso and Mr Fassam for your fantastic support. These trips can only happen with the help of staff willing to give up their spare time and evenings. Your help was very much appreciated. 

La Molina, we came, we thaw, we conquered. You have taken a piste of all our hearts. 


Miss Kelly Wakelin

Head of EYFS & Primary School

Friday, March 11, 2022 By paulina