Dear parents / guardians,

What an amazing week this has been with our friends from Andorra!  We welcomed the secondary students and staff on Monday from our sister school who visited us for a week of social and cultural learning.  We literally kick started the week with an afternoon of football, basketball and volleyball.  BCA students were allocated to a house group and it was the BCG-BCA YELLOW team that reigned victorious!  Thanks to all staff who supported this afternoon and a very special thanks to Joel and Ariadna from year 10 and Leah from year 9 who refereed for us to ensure a safe, fair and friendly competition was had by all!

On Tuesday we ventured to Barcelona for guided tours of the wonderful Sagrada Familia and relaxing Parc Guell where students and staff enjoyed learning the history of two of our cities iconic attractions.  Wednesday was a surf-tastic day at Port Ginesta where BCA students swapped their usual mountain surroundings for a day in the sea.  Thursday we learned the differences in Spanish architecture and culture and key influences affecting lifestyles and society across the different regions of Spain whilst wandering the streets of Poble Espanyol.  Students also participated in a glass painting workshop and created a personalised souvenir of their time here.  Thursday early evening was spent at the Sitges Ocio Adventure Park working on team building skills as students navigated the many obstacles and water-based challenges whilst hysterically laughing at the many epic falls, slips and slides that each other had.

On Friday morning the BCA staff and students mixed and mingled with our year 7 and 10 students and form teachers at Gava beach.  Living in such a wonderful environment, we often take simple pleasures for granted.  Our BCG community is really privileged to live where we are surrounded by sun, sea and sand.  Would you believe it was snowing this week in Andorra???  Wow.

By all accounts and as our photo gallery shows, the students and staff from BCA had a fabulous time exploring Sitges, Gava and Barcelona.  Connections were made and relationships formed that will undoubtedly benefit both school communities and we hope this successful, inaugural event is the first of many, many more to come.  

The Trips Team

Chess reminder - the community is kindly reminded that this is the final week to register for the chess event planned for Monday 13th June.  This is open to the whole school community including our wonderful parents!  When we gather final numbers we will be able to release specific details of the tournament.  To enter, click this link and fill out the form before Thursday 2nd June.  

Wednesday, June 1, 2022 By Anónimo (not verified)