Dear Parents,

It is a genuine pleasure to be in the college and to enjoy the atmosphere of calm purpose, to witness the excellent relationships that have developed between teachers, administrative staff, pupils and parents and to watch the school and its pupils growing and developing. A great deal has happened since the first students started in September of 2015; we have welcomed a large number of new families into our community, we have employed many new, well qualified and experienced teachers, we have opened more classrooms and vastly improved the outdoor facilities and prepared plans to put up a new, fully equipped secondary building and sports hall ready for September 2019. Our college has become a thriving community in which the children can gain self confidence, acquire values, take pleasure in their learning and enjoy growing and developing in a school where they are respected and safe.

I am brimming over with optimism and anticipation at the further development of the school and feel confident that we will both consolidate and advance our identity as a centre of excellence and innovation making an impact, not only locally, but much more widely. I know that you, as parents, share our ambitions and look forward, as I do, to the flourishing of the school which has moved very quickly from being an ambitious proposal to an exciting reality. 


Howard Thomas
Director General
Education in Excellence