Technology is at the height of importance at the British College of Gavá.  In addition to use of iPads and iMacs in school students are able to continue their studies at home via use of several online platforms.   


Links to the platforms are as follows


Academic online platform with details of all homework, along with presentations, videos, useful website links and documents uploaded by BCG teachers – a useful hub for Primary School parents, an absolutely essential daily tool for Secondary students

Comprehensive learning platform for Primary students including homework activities individually set by BCG teachers as well as other activities and games to play for the subjects of English, Maths, Science, Computing and Foreign Languages

Intelligent university and course matching tailored to each student. Our algorithm recommends best-fit universities and courses, from over 100,000 options, based on the academic, professional and social profile of each student. With BridgeU, students can apply to universities across 4 continents. 87%. preference fit. 45%.