One of the greatest assets of the school is the wonderful set of teachers that the students have the pleasure of learning with. Our teachers’ primary goal is simply to inspire our students towards a love of learning.  Meet our team and find our what inspires them personally…


Kirstie Macdonald

Nursery Teaching Assistant

"Children will always remember their first educators and I strive to make an impact on children's wellbeing by encouraging and supporting them to educate themselves through their imagination and play."

Sarah Rees

Primary Teacher

I enjoy inspiring children with the beauty of the natural world around us. I try to get the children into nature as much as possible and watch their imaginations and creativity unfold. I think it is important to embrace each child's individuality and encourage them to learn from each other. I go into work each day not knowing what adventures lay ahead but the children always make me smile! "So often you find that the students you try to inspire are the ones that end up inspiring you" Sean Junkins

Tracy Scott

Reception Class Teacher

The children in my class inspire me everyday, they begin each day with a smile and are not phased by new challenges. To share in the magic of learning to read and the wonder of suddenly understanding maths makes my day special. Every child deserves someone who will never give up on them, someone who believes in them and gives them an opportunity to shine.

Steven Lockwood

Secondary Humanities & Secondary Coordinator

Ultimately to try to change the world by inspiring and teaching all students to make an impact. To further and progressively develop myself and be able to share all insights with my students.  And hopefully along the way, this can be achieved in good humour and spirit... 

Sarah Joyce

Primary Teaching Assistant

The best way I can describe being a teacher is like being a gardener. We plant seeds, work hard, nurture them and watch our students grow! It is by far the most challenging job I have ever had but also the most rewarding one. 

Robert Pizey

Year 4 Class Teacher

Working in education, you soon realise that each and every day will be different, presenting you with ever changing challenges. Teaching children is never straight forward, as each child has their own particular set of needs, which you as their teacher should meet. I am inspired to help these children fulfil their potential through a creative, fun and thoughtful approach to teaching.

Paula Hetherington

Secondary Mathematics

I really enjoy sharing my love of (my invented) wonderful world of Algebra-land with my students. Then I watch and help them strengthen and develop their skills over the years as they travel through it.  My biggest inspiration is guiding students so those who struggle with Maths go on to find their confidence, improve and even come to enjoy the challenges that numbers can present.

Jorge Sales

Primary Spanish & Catalan Language

I love to travel, read, constantly learn from life, from the people around me and from the children. I enjoy the fact that every day is an adventure, full of possibilities that challenges me to innovate and be creative in order to satisfy the needs of my students. The smiles, energy and optimism that children show us every day inspire me to give the best of myself in every moment.

Jennifer Ramirez

EYFS & Primary Teaching Assistent

I love working with children and making a positive difference in their lives. I am so proud to become part of this important, evolving and noble profession because, seeing the spark and the desire to learn in the eyes of children every single day is very rewarding for me! My goal as a teacher is to create autonomous, respectful, empathetic and happy people and offer them all the tools and capacities necessary to develop in their daily life knowing how to solve any problem that could be present in their lives.

Ester Pou

Secondary Spanish & Catalan Language, Directora Técnica

Ever since I started reading at an early age, I have had a fascination for words and for the interaction between language and literature. I really enjoy travelling, cultural exchanges, knowing about traditions and discovering how bridges to communicate are built. What inspires me is to be able to translate this passion into a personal, fruitful and meaningful learning experience for my students.  

Claire Rose

Nursery Class Teacher

Inspiration can come from many sources but as an Early Years teacher I am always inspired by the children and the wonderful way they approach the world. They remind me to live in the moment, dream big, be optimistic, believe in myself and most importantly, enjoy life to the fullest.

Ali Power

Year 4 Class Teacher

My inspiration is… The moment a child’s face lights up with excitement when he or she understands a new concept. The chance to make a difference and help someone become their very best. The opportunity to interact with some amazing people – both colleagues and, of course, the children.

The smiles and hugs that start the day!

Alex Aromi

Primary & Secondary Music

Studying and learning as much as I can about Music is an endless source of inspiration for me. To have the opportunity to transmit my knowledge and experience to my students makes me feel a privileged person.

Alex Sankey

Secondary Business Studies & EFL Support

I am inspired to teach by following the process of building up our students’ skills and knowledge to prepare them for life to the best possible extent. When you know that they are ready to take on the world and take whichever path they chose, this is a magical feeling.

Alba Campos

Primary Spanish & Catalan Language

If I had to choose one thing that inspires me it would be the place between where I am and where I want to be. For me enjoying the little things throughout the journey is more important than the destination.

Adriana Sevillano

Inclusion Department Leader

One of my sources of inspiration is travelling and spending time with people from different backgrounds and cultures. The more diversity you see and the more variety of experiences you have, the richer your life becomes. This is one of the reasons why I love working at BCG as we are such an international and multi-cultural family!