The Sixth Form at the British College of Gavà signifies the start of a new and exciting journey, which takes students from: school to university, school to the wider world of work, and school into adulthood.  We take much pride at BCG in closely supporting all our Sixth Form students to holistically develop good character and who are equipped to face life’s challenges.  We foster an enriching community whereby all students receive a high level of individual attention to meet their learning needs.  All tutors and teachers strive to carefully guide students in their pursuit of academic goals and personal ambitions.  It is our aim that all our students to graduate from BCG with excellent life choices. 

A-Level courses are demanding and once the academic year has started, every minute of study time is essential.  The emphasis on guided and independent learning increases considerably within all A-Level courses compared to that of GCSEs (“General Certificate of Secondary Education”).  Thus, A-Level courses require significant reading to cover challenging in-depth and broad knowledge contents.  

A solid base of levels 4\5 and above within GCSE graduation (or other repeatable educational systems) are required to pursue to A-Level study.  Additionally, a curious awareness and willingness to read widely and follow current affairs is also advisable to all A-Level students to enrich learning and understanding further.

 Accomplishment at A-Level is highly dependent on effective organisation and dedication, while maintaining a positive growth mind-set to work hard.  However, it is equally important to keep a good work-life balance to maintain general well-being and health.  We embrace our Sixth Form students at BCG to take ownership of their learning and to be honest about their academic progress, while seeking support when needed. 

A-Level contact time with subject specific teachers at BCG is usually 5 hours per week, per subject.  In addition, we expect our students at BCG to take full advantage of supervised and independent study periods to direct their own learning.  Most important to note: It is regarded that for every contact period with subject teachers students should complete a minimum of 1 hour independent study; therefore if a student takes 3 subjects the expectation is they attend 15 hours of timetabled lessons a week coupled with completing 15 hours of independent study.  This totals a 30 hour week of study. 

 It is essential that this time is used wisely and that the Sixth Form study room is maintained as a respectful working environment for all students to study in diligently.  Ultimately, Sixth Form is a voluntary stage of education and it is the responsibility of Sixth Form students to work hard and make the most of the incredible opportunities available.