Being an international sporting hub, Barcelona and particularly Castelldefels attracts elite athletes from all over the world. Here at the British College of Gava we believe that all students should have the opportunity to achieve their academic and sporting goals. For secondary students travelling from overseas to an elite sports academy we have two options. If the student plans to attend school for the whole day and play tournaments only during holidays then please explore the possibilities at Secondary. If the student would like more flexibility to train and attend tournaments throughout the year then the e-Athletes programme is for them.

Welcome from the Head of e-Athletes

Welcome to the British College of Gava to all international student athletes coming into the area. It has been my pleasure to coordinate this program since September 2019 and look forward to it growing in the future.

Throughout this time I have seen each student grow into independent study and it has been fantastic to watch them as they communicate to teachers through various platforms, schedule their own learning and help each other in class. Due to sporting commitments they do not spend as much time at school but motivate themselves by monitoring their own progress, engaging with other students and online teachers. I have observed that by offering them this chance they continue to gain ownership of their studies and have an increased sense of achievement once courses are completed.

The training sessions, online study and the curriculum have proved to be a great match as students are constantly monitored and assessed as they progress through the course and more regular conversations had to ensure that each student-athlete can strive to achieve in their studies as they are in sport. This modern approach to learning has inspired students to work with students and teachers from all over the world and I am excited to be part of their future.

Dan Pilcher
e-Athletes Coordinator

The e-Athletes programme has been designed to meet the needs of students that require extra flexibility in weekly or yearly scheduling. For example, we understand that our tennis academy partners tend to need students to travel during term time for international tournaments and our football academy partners may require more hours during the day to train as a team. This is made possible by tailoring each student’s schedules and constant communication with the support around them, parents, coaches and teachers.

Students attending this programme will be studying the United States curriculum online* and will work towards gaining the American High School Diploma. This system is used by student athletes across the world and is a perfect way to prepare for a place in an American College but is accepted in universities worldwide. Even without completing the entire diploma four year programme, students here for only one year will be able to return to their home country and courses will be fully accredited to enter the system there. Whatever the next step, be it university, work or sport our careers and guidance support is available.

*All of our courses are accredited by AdvancEd and the NCAA approves all core courses.

Whilst attending BCG as an e-Athletes is a different style of learning and curriculum the pastoral care is the same. With the help of the Programme Coordinator, students will be integrated into normal school life, be able to attend clubs and school events just like any other student.

Case Study

Natalia Fehr, Age 18, Switzerland.

Natalia came to Barcelona after her GCSEs in Switzerland and decided that was the time to increase her efforts in Tennis. Whilst training and competing on the ITF Pro Tour all over the world and training locally she was dedicated to her studies and used the flexible schedule to complete assignments wherever she was. She is as independent and driven in her studies as she is in tennis and once her studies are complete and with support from BCG she plans to go to the EU Business School in Barcelona to study BA Business Management and Marketing.