Enrichment is a layered programme which encompasses a series of initiatives, activities and events adding depth and variety to the taught curriculum  at The British College of Gavà. 

One element of enrichment at BCG is our Extra Curricular Activities Programme (ECAP). Our ECAP allows students to extend their learning opportunities beyond the classroom and across a variety of relevant, purposeful and enjoyable sessions that cover a spectrum of academic, social, physical and cultural interests.

We achieve holistic learning goals by offering activities before, during and after school hours which allows students to access and practice life skills. . Here, we provide details of our most regular and popular activities.

· Extra Curricular Activities Programme (ECAP):

All these clubs require authorization through the School Booking System as they take place after the school day. 

·Extra Curricular Enrichment Through Morning and Lunch Clubs / Booster Sessions:

These clubs do not require sign up and normally do not require additional payment as they take place throughout the school day.

*All activities are subject to change depending on enrollment interest and/or availability. 


After School


Volleyball is a great athletic opportunity for students to learn the value of teamwork and commitment. Students will learn the basics of skills of volleyball, then eventually leading into the game play.

WOSPAC runs this club.

When: Thursday from 16:30 to 17:30
Start date: TBC
Age group: Y3 to Y13

“Our comprehensive selection of activities enriches our taught curriculum, increases access to holistic learning through practical application of the school’s core values and offers many opportunities to practice and apply life skill learning.  BCG’s curricular enrichment programme significantly contributes to the development of balanced, healthy and happy individuals and a supportive community ethos.”

- Ms Bell, Head of Educational Enrichment


During School

We offer a variety of sessions before school and during breaks and lunch times.  These activities provide excellent opportunities for students to further enrich their taught curriculum and learning experiences while maximising their productivity during school hours.  These activities during school are particularly useful for students who require ad hoc, booster learning sessions such as additional language support and SEN intervention or for BCG sports teams to maximise numbers at training prior to competitions.  Regular activities during school hours include:

Morning Meditations

Mindfulness and meditation practices are offered to teachers and students at BCG.  These take place before school and are centered around focus, emotional resilience, and wellbeing to help us reach our goals throughout the day.

Primary and Secondary Orchestra 

The orchestra brings together our talented musicians across a wide range of instruments: piano, saxophone, cello, violin and many more!  Sessions are scheduled at lunch times to maximise attendance and ensure the ensemble reach their harmonious potential!  The orchestra welcomes performers of all abilities.

Primary and Secondary Samba Band

These sessions are wonderfully infectious.  As the sound of beating drums permeates the campus, you cannot help but dance!   Bongos/congas, marching drums, goblet drums, frame drums, tongue drums, timpani, and steel drums unite to create an amazing sound.

Model United Nations (MUN)

Model United Nations is a school-based simulation of the United Nations where students role play delegates from different countries and attempt to solve real world issues with the policies and perspectives of their assigned country. This is a club which develops communication, organisation, time management and most of all, open mindedness and appreciation of different cultures and reasoning in the process of decision making.