Dear parents and guardians,

We have had an exciting two weeks to kick off the Summer Term. 

Our Year 11s and Year 13s are coming to the end of their courses and making the final preparations for the GCSE and A-level exams before they depart for study leave. 

Unfortunately we had to postpone the DofE expedition due to extreme weather reports and warnings, the students had prepared so well but the safety and enjoyment of the students is paramount so the tough call had to be made. 

We have had the start of the surf/SUP lessons during PE for Key stage 3 this week. The course got off to an amazing start and the students involved loved it. I was very impressed with how quickly they adapted to a new sport and to see the smiles on the faces of the students. I knew we had some lifelong surfers in the making. 

We are currently writing a new mobile phone policy for Key Stage 3 students as we have had an increase in silly behaviour with mobile phones. This will be released shortly. 

Sports day dates: 
EYFS and Lower Primary Sports Day: June 2nd 
Sports Day years 3-12: June 16th

Thank you,
Mr Steadman

Wednesday, May 4, 2022 By Anónimo (not verified)