IB Career-related Programme

- Pathways in Sustainability-

Gaining the right knowledge and skills while at school will provide students with a competitive edge and enable them to stay ahead in one of the fastest developing professional sectors. 

Global sustainability is a truly universal endeavor. The International Baccalaureate Career-Related Programme (IBCP) with a Pathway in Sustainability prepares students for an exciting career in the growing green sector while they continue to deepen their academic knowledge, develop sound interpersonal skills and grow into principled, responsible global leaders. 

Global sustainability is a truly universal endeavor. Our IBCP Pathways in sustainability enable students to embrace an international perspective and connect them with a network of other IBCP students across the world. 

There has never been a better time to start preparing for a career in sustainability, this is why BCG has launched the following pre-university programmes:

We are very excited to broaden our pre-university academic programme with such an inspiring selection of pathways. At BCG we believe that each individual student, whatever their background, deserves a programme of study tailored to their interests and academic needs. In the second year of this programme, students undertake a professional project in partnership with local and international companies in the Barcelona area to gain first hand experience in their chosen area of study. Our green campus and internationally minded community support our IBCP students as they gain a global perspective on the challenges of the future.

- Ms Fenton, IB Programmes Coordinator 

The IBCP by The British College of Gavà and SUMAS

The British College of Gavà collaborates with the International Baccalaureate and Sustainability Management School (SUMAS), an IB Strategic Provider with campuses in Switzerland and Italy, to deliver this IBCP with Pathways in Sustainability.


These sustainability management pathways aim to provide students with foundational knowledge on managing sustainability and helps them develop their competencies in becoming responsible leaders.

Student Profile

Both the IB Diploma Programme and IB Career-related Programmes are offered to students at BCG. This is an important decision for young people and the school offers support and guidance to ensure that each student finds the best pathway for them.

In a nutshell, our Pathways in Sustainability are suitable for: 

1) Students with a strong interest in becoming environmental changemakers.
2) Students who wish to engage in career-related learning while gaining transferable and lifelong skills.
3) Those that want to participate in practical work placements at local and international companies to gain an insight into a ‘real-life’ working environment.
4) Independent learners with a more practical mindset interested in a more hands-on approach.
5) Students that may benefit from an alternative, more flexible way of learning


  • 2-3 IB Diploma Programme subjects related to the student's pathway of choice: these subjects are delivered at BCG by our team of experienced British and international teachers
  • IB Career-related Core subjects in Personal & Professional Skills, Service Learning, Reflective Project and Language Development: these subjects are delivered at BCG by our fully trained IB Core team
  • Fundamentals of sustainability, sustainable innovation and leadership: blended learning delivered by SUMAS
  • Integrative Project work in the student's pathway of choice and sustainable leadership experience: blended learning and practical work experience delivered by SUMAS in conjunction with BCG.

SUMAS CrS® students automatically get access to the SUMAS ECO-Club with a set of benefits designed for them as members.


Upon completion of the IB Career-related Programme at BCG in collaboration with SUMAS students will obtain direct entry to SUMAS Bachelors programmes and receive 21 US academic credits to fast-track bachelor studies in only 5 semesters.

IBCP-SUMAS alumni have gone on to study at the following Universities:

  • Switzerland: Sustainability Management School, Ecole Hotelière de Lausanne (EHL), Glion Institute of Higher Education, International University of Geneva​
  • United Kingdom: Brunel University London, Durham University, King’s College London, Loughborough University, Oxford Brookes University, Queen Mary University, University of Leeds, University of Essex, University of Kent, University of Sussex, Newcastle University, University of Stirling ​
  • Italy:  Sustainability Management School, Università Bocconi, Istituto Marangoni, John Cabot University​ Netherlands: Fontys University of Applied Science (Business), Amsterdam University (Social Sciences)​
  • United States: Berklee College of Music, Pennsylvania State University (US), LIM College (New York), Pace University, New York (Business).​
  • Canada: University of Toronto, Simon Fraser University​
  • Asia & Pacific Regions: Liverpool University (Suzhou, China), University of Canterbury (New Zealand)

“Sustainability is becoming increasingly important within all types of organizations and societies. SUMAS CrS® Business & Sustainability are academically challenging and are designed for students who wish to pursue a career-related education in their final two years of high school, and who have a clear vision of their future career paths. This program prepares students both professionally and academically by stimulating their critical thinking and creativity.”


Career Opportunities

Gaining a qualification in sustainability management offers a wide range of career opportunities spanning multiple industries and services such as:

  • Leadership, Management & Business
  • Consultancy and Advisory services
  • Law, Policy and Public Affairs
  • Engineering
  • Operations, Logistics, Supply Chain & Sourcing Management
  • Finance, Retail, Marketing & Communications

At BCG our team of dedicated Careers counselors are on hand to support students on completion of the IBCP.

Educational Framework 

A. Diploma Programme subjects by BCG (Choose 2-3)

• Environmental system and societies
• Visual Arts
• Business
• Psychology
• Language B
• Geography
• Economics

B. IB COre

The development and application of knowledge and skills towards meeting an identified and authentic community need. In this research-based approach, students often undertake service initiatives related to topics studied previously in their academic disciplines, utilizing skills, understandings and values developed in these studies

Designed for students to develop attitudes, skills and strategies to be applied to personal and professional situations and contexts now and in the future. Emphasis is on skills developed in the workplace

An in-depth body of work produced over an extended period of time and submitted towards the end of the CP. Through a reflective project students identify, analyse, critically discuss and evaluate an ethical issue arising from their career-related studies. It aims to promote high level research, writing and extended communication skills.

Encouraging proficiency in a second or third language. 

C. Careers related courses: SUMAS

Students will acquire a solid basic understanding of the main aspects of sustainability to prepare them for the advanced courses. They will explore individual, company and societal perspectives, address issues concerning energy, climate and water in greater detail and also consider ethics, policy, culture and population alongside economic and social implications.

This course introduces the concepts, styles and practices of leadership aimed at managing, influencing and motivating team members in the workplace. It will explore how leadership can directly and indirectly influence human behavior and organizational efficiency in uncertain environments.

Students will be encouraged to develop and improve a range of leadership skills and methodologies through reviewing and analyzing the foremost leadership theories and how they may apply them in real-world situations.

An introduction to sustainable innovation with a strong focus on the challenges that the Earth’s resources, human conditions and the economy faces today and in the future. This course integrates real cases in material/product innovation and introduces the Cradle-to-Cradle principles and eco design. The individual, company and societal perspectives are explored in relation to this theme. Energy, climate and water are covered in greater detail.

D. Applied Component (adapted to each pathway): SUMAS

During the first year of studies, students have a choice for where they would like to do their Sustainability Leadership Experience. It can be delivered online by SUMAS, by your school teachers, or a 7-day Sustainability Leadership Camp that is organized by SUMAS in Switzerland or in Italy.

The Sustainability Leadership Experience/Camp is designed to introduce the concepts, styles and practices of leadership through role-playing and outdoor activities or team building games.

Integrative Project Experience involves the application of theoretical

knowledge of concrete projects. While working on the project in the field, students will examine the issues involved, identify various stakeholders and seek to find solutions to complex problems. The teaching methodology is predominantly interactive, based on role-play activities and in-class