Terms & Conditions


  1. Parents/Guardians can apply for a place at the School by completing the on line Application Form and pre-enrolment form.
  2. No student will be admitted until Parents/Guardians have fulfilled the requirements listed below.
  3. Prior to admission, Parents/Guardians must present the following documents:
    Official medical certificate and photocopy of the vaccination booklet.
    Copies of any behavioural/psychological reports, if appropriate. Refusal to share any reports held, prior to admission, may result in the termination of a place that has already been offered.
    School report from the student’s current school.
    Copies of the identity documents of the Parents/Guardians.
    BCG forms:
    Medication Policy 
    Photo authorization 
    Bank Form
    DNI or NIE of the bank account holder
    Term and Conditions acceptance

  4. In order to obtain a place at the School, Parents/Guardians must pay the admission fee and the registration fee indicated in the price list.
  5. The School has the right not to offer a place to a student and does not need to give a reason for this decision.


  1. All invoices must be paid via direct debit, signing the authorization form provided by the School. Bills will be presented to individual bank accounts at the beginning of each month. Any change on bank details must be announced 20 days in advance in order to avoid bank rejections. In case of a bank rejection, 15€ will be charged extra.
  2. Parents and guardians have the duty to pay, on time, the corresponding educational fees and other academic expenses. Failure to pay two or more bills will result in the suspension of the contract and the student will not be able to enter the school until the situation is resolved.
  3. The School may retain the student’s academic record until the debt generated by the student’s schooling is paid in full.
  4. No amount will be reimbursed for the absence of a student, whether due to illness or any other cause.
  5. Any withdrawal of a student from the school must be notified to bajas@bcgava.com at least three months in advance. If this notice is not given, the interested party must pay the three subsequent months, from the day the notification is received by the school.
  6. Confirmation of a place for the following academic year (course) must be made during the month of March annually. Confirmation of enrolment must be made within the established deadlines. The College reserves the right to cancel an enrolment or free places in the College for the following school year if we don’t receive the confirmation on time. If there is ANY payment pending, the re-enrolment will not be accepted. The final decision about re-enrolment is at the discretion of the School.
  7. Admission and matriculation fees will not be returned under any circumstance.
  8. In the event that all or part of the school is closed temporarily or permanently due to pandemic, terrorism or for any other reason, the school will not be liable to refund any fees.
  9. The tuition fee does NOT include any external examinations or homologation fees. These must be paid in advance according to the indications the school will provide.
  10. All school material is included in the school fees. Exceptions are voluntary reading books and individual electronic devices that the student must use in the classroom, which will be her/his property and therefore, at her/his expense.


  1. Parents agree to support the internal regulations of the School concerning general discipline, uniform and homework set for children.
  2. The Parents/Guardians of the student must accept BCA Terms and Conditions which are published on the website.
  3. The School uniform must be worn in accordance with the School’s Uniform Policy. All uniforms must be marked with the student’s full name.
  4. Parents agree to inform the School immediately of any change of address or telephone number.
  5. The School reserves the right to exclude temporarily or permanently pupils whose behaviour merits this in the view of the Principal.
  6. The School requires written permission from the parents of EYFS and Primary students, if a different person unknown to the School, will collect the child from the School or bus stop.
  7. The School cannot be held responsible for the supervision of pupils left on the School premises more than 15 minutes before or after normal school hours, unless they are attending an official extra-curricular activity or additional class or are enrolled for special supervised groups.
  8. The School has an insurance, which covers accidents that may occur to pupils at school or during any School activity. Any claim must be made as soon as practicable. In case of serious accident, children will be taken to a medical centre for first aid. The insurance policy does not cover loss of personal property.
  9. School lunches are compulsory for all pupils. Packed lunches are not permitted.
  10. If you exceptionally need to pick up your child during school hours, you must notify attendance@bcgava.com