Welcome from the Head of e-Athlete

Welcome to the British College of Gava to all international student athletes coming into the area. It has been my pleasure to coordinate this program since September 2019 and look forward to it growing in the future.

Throughout this time I have seen each student grow into independent study and it has been fantastic to watch them as they communicate to teachers through various platforms, schedule their own learning and help each other in class. Due to sporting commitments they do not spend as much time at school but motivate themselves by monitoring their own progress, engaging with other students and online teachers. I have observed that by offering them this chance they continue to gain ownership of their studies and have an increased sense of achievement once courses are completed.

The training sessions, online study and the curriculum have proved to be a great match as students are constantly monitored and assessed as they progress through the course and more regular conversations had to ensure that each student-athlete can strive to achieve in their studies as they are in sport. This modern approach to learning has inspired students to work with students and teachers from all over the world and I am excited to be part of their future.

Dan Pilcher
e-Athlete Coordinator